Makita Brushless

High Performance with Brushless DC Motor

Brushless DC motor

  • Maintenance-free due to no brush
  • Energy production is more efficient than brushed DC motor because of no friction loss caused by brushes, enabling to lower amperage for reduced heat production and increased work amount on a single full battery charge.

More work amount on a single full battery charge

  • Thanks to the very efficient energy production of BLDC motor, work amount on a single full battery charge is increased.
  • Life time work amount of a battery is increased, reducing the battery cost.

Durable against continuous long operation

  • Use of BLDC motor lowers heat production; the temperature rise at housing surface can be recessed well even in hard industrial applications requiring continuous long operation.


4 Mode Impact Driver

All Cordless Li-ion 18v

All Cordless Li-ion 18v+18v=36v

Angle Grinder

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner


Circular Saw


Combination Hammer


Cordless Chain Saw

Cordless Li-ion 18v

Cordless Li-ion 18v+18v=36v

Cyclone Cleaner

Driver Drill

Grass Trimmer

Hammer Driver Drill

Hedge Trimmer

Impact Driver

Impact Wrench

Jig Saw


Metal Cutter

Oil-Pulse Driver

Recipro Saw

Robotic Cleaner

Rotary Hammer


Slide Compound Miter Saw