Deep Exact Cutting


3-Stage reduction gear unit and Movable rear blade guard

provide larger capacities of cutting Crown moulding and Baseboard (Skirting board).

Capable of diagonal cutting

up to 168mm(6-5/8")
crown molding(LS1016/L)

Capable of diagonal cutting

Capable of vertical cutting

up to 120mm(4-3/4")

Capable of vertical cutting


Double Sliding Mechanism

Makita advantages obtained by using 4 short steel poles instead of 2 long poles are;

  • Vibration-free, precise and exact cutting
  • Compact tool design for jobsite portability

6 linear ball bearings are used to support the 4 poles for smooth and precise sliding cut.

Double sliding guide fence

The upper and the lower sections slide independently for added convenience; each upper fence slides outwards for bevel cut,and each lower fence slide inwards to securely hold small workpiece for precise and exact cutting.

Overall height 120mm(4-3/4")