Electric and Cordless Chain Saws

Model Number Model No. Guide bar (Bar length) Guide bar (Part No.) Saw Chain (No.of drive links) Saw Chain (gauge) Saw Chain (pitch) Saw Chain (Cutter type) Saw Chain Part No. Bar Cover Part No. File diameter,1st half of top plate File diameter,2nd half of top plate
158476-6 UC120D, DUC121, DUC122 16cm/6- 1/4'' 158476-6 42 1.3mm/ .050'' 1/4''" 25AP | MC 791284-8 416311-7 4.0mm 4.0mm
165200-0 DUC303, UC3020A, UC3040A, UC3041A,UC3030A, UC3050A, UC3051A 30cm/12'' 165200-0 46 1.3mm/ .050'' 3/8''" 91PX | CC 196211-4 419288-5 4.0mm 4.0mm